All hive components are made to the specifications of the famous Serge Labesque. He is a long time beekeeper   and teaches beekeeping classes at Santa Rosa Jr.College.  Click here to learn more about Serge.

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Complete hive componets from bottom up - bottom board with sliding entrance, mouse guard, and observation board, two hive bodies with 8 wired frames and 2 follower boards each, top feeder (not water proof intended for dried lavender), vented top cover, telescoping cover, and branded awning. Just add bees!

Medium Hive $230  Deep Hive $275    (deep hive pictured).

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serge style bottom board

Bottom Board includes sliding entrance, mouse guard, observation board and entrance awning.  $45

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Premium Supers

Supers are made from select grade wood (no knots), corners are joined with countersunk screws dipped in glue.  Included are eight tightly wired frames with starter strips and two Serge style follower boards.  Medium $55  Deep $80

top feeder.jpg

Serge Style Top Feeder

This Top Feeder/attic is recommended for dried lavender to wick moisture from the hive. DOES NOT HOLD LIQUID.  You must use a liquid container if used for feeding.  $40

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SS New Basic Double Deep Hive Set-up provides bees with a tall narrow brood chamber to be left alone for the bees.  It is more like a tree cavity in nature.

Includes 2 Deep hive supers, 6 wired double deep frames, 2 double deep follower boards, top feeder, vented top cover, telescoping cover and screened bottom board with awning, observation board and mouse guard.


Complete Double Deep Set up w S Hive Helper.JPG

SS Double Deep Hive Set-Up with Serge Hive Helper with all the bells and whistles! Comes with 2 Deep Supers with 16 wired frames and 4 follower boards, 2 empty deep supers, 6 Double Deep Wired Frames, 2 Double Deep Follower Boards with extenders, Bottom Board, Top Feeder, Vented Top Cover, Telescoping Cover, Nuc Box and Serge Hive Helper.  $636

ditto open complete dd hive.JPG

Checking your Double Deep Hive is easy using the Serge Hive Helper.  Simply flip your top super onto the Nuc Box and then tip your second super onto the Hive Helper and voila'....easy access to the body of your Double Deep Hive without any heavy lifting.  There is even brackets to hold the double deep follower board in front.

vented top cover 2.jpg

serge style Vented top cover 

Vented Top Cover is made of pine tounge and groove with rough side down to encourage the bees to propolize the surface.  $20

telescoping cover.JPG

telescoping TOP COVER   

Top off your hive with this Telescoping Top Cover.  Remember to paint this along with your hive so that it will not absorb the hot summer heat.  $25

wired frame.jpg

Wired Frames

Wired Frames are more desirable to bees than plastic...ask any bee and they'll tell you.  These have a wood starter strip at the top of the frames that give bees a foundation to build from. Wire is strung extremely tight.

Medium $3.50  Deep $5.50

follower board 1.jpg

Serge style Follower Board 

Follower Board is made with tongue and groove, rough sided pine to encourage bees to coat with propolis, spacers to maintain 3/8" bee space between follower boards and frames.

Medium  $5.00  Deep $5.50

Double Deep Frame.JPG

Double Deep Wired Frame  $15

Med Frame w DD Extender.JPG

Medium Wired Frame with Double Deep Extender.  Remove the bottom extender and super up with the Medium Frame.  $10


DD follower board.JPG

Double Deep Follower Board with Extender.  Remove the bottom extension and super up the the Deep Follower Board.


Serge Hive Helper.JPG

Serge Hive Helper to be used with Double Deep Hives.



serge style HIVE STAND 

Custom built Hive Stand will hold two complete hives nicely.  This keeps the bee entrance approximately 16" off the ground to discourage skunks and other critters from messing with the hive.   $50

swarm trap.jpg

Swarm Trap

Swarm Trap holds five deep or medium frames and a swarm if you are lucky.  Set it up in a tree or on a milk crate in your backyard.  Bait with a frame or two of drawn comb and some lemon grass oil and then sit back and wait.  $45

wax melter 1.jpg

Solar Wax Melter

Our Solar Wax Melter is constructed with a double pained window.  This contraption will turn your unwanted comb and wax cappings into beautiful blocks of yellow beeswax for making candles, soap etc.  $275

honey for website.png


Our Honey comes from a serene location in the heart of the Sonoma Mountains.  9 oz of delicious, foundation free, treatment free Local Honey bottled in hexagon glass jars. 

$10 per jar


Nuc Swarm trap.JPG

Double Deep Swarm Trap/Nuc holds five double deep frames and can be used as a swarm trap or to acclimate bees to double deep frames before housing in a complete double deep hive set-up.


Nuc Box.JPG

Wooden Nuc Box
can be used in many ways…to capture swarms, as a temporary home for a small colony or as support when diving into your double deep hive. Holds five deep or medium frames.


spring hives 2017.jpg

We highly recommend painting all exterior surfaces of your hive with light colors, either white or pastel, as dark colors absorb too much heat. 

We do not normally ship or deliver but there are always exceptions.  So, please call me to place your order and to make an appointment to pick up.  If you are willing to pay for shipping we can discuss the options.... or just call to talk about bees!


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